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Who will buy from
Person should be above 18 years of age and legally allowed, to shop in India.

I live outside India, can I order for a delivery in India?
you can order

Do you have a gift registry facility?
No we presently don’t have a registry facility

How can I contact
You can either call us on Tel. no. in between 10:00 am to 7:00 pm and speak with our customer service representative or write to us for any type of queries you have about, or your order.
You can contact us for the following:
Password related queries; Login related queries; Payment related queries; Merchandise / product related queries; Website navigation related queries; Pricing, promotion, discount related queries; Delivery related queries; or Anything that the customer may wish to clarify about

How can I stop Jaiambe e-mails from my spam folder?
We will take care to not spam our valuable customer’s mail boxes. However, sometimes our emails may land in your spam / junk mail folder. You will need to add Jaiambe mail ids ( ) into your trusted sender list e.g.

How do I view your site?
Our site is compatible for all Windows and Mac operating systems and can be viewed using the latest stable versions of any browsers. The site is optimized for 1024 X 768 resolution

How can I make a payment?
Cash on delivery/
online payment through bank transfer
cheque/Demand Draft

Can I pay in-store for a product bought online?
We do not have such facility.

Is there any difference between the merchandise sold at and Major Brands physical stores? offers the same quality of merchandise as sold in Major Brands stores, and the prices are also the same. We are presently not offering the complete range of products in our store, on our website, though we are continually expanding the range.

I searched, but I can’t find the same merchandise which I saw in one of your stores.
It is possible that you may not find an item you saw in the store, since it could have gone out of stock.

Where can I search particular merchandise?
You can directly search for the product through the search field provided on every page.

Can I cancel an order or an merchandise?
Yes, you can cancel the order fully or partially before it is shipped. However, additions to an order, or changes to the merchandise ordered, are not possible.

Can I change shipping address of the order?
You can change the shipping address before your order is billed and shipped by calling Customer Care on (Phone 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.

What is your return/refund and replacement policy?
We do not offer any return/refund at this ,oment.

Can I return my product to your store?
No, currently merchandise are not returnable in our stores

Can I get warranty/guarantee for the merchandise?
If manufacturer’s warranty/guarantee is associated with the Merchandise, it would be mentioned along with the other product details
Shipping related

Where do you deliver? Or; do you deliver to my city?
We currently deliver to major cities in India.

What is your shipping policy?
Please refer our Shipping Policy.

Do you deliver out of India?
No we do not deliver out of India.

Are there any places/ items for which delivery might take longer?
Expected time taken to dispatch the shipment is given against each product on the respective product details page. Typically all Mumbai deliveries are completed within 1-2 days post shipment and outside Mumbai deliveries are completed within 2-4 days post shipment. Once we receive your order we make all attempts to deliver within the committed time, however, it might take longer than expected in some far to reach areas, due to poor logistics connectivity.

What in case I am not available when you deliver the merchandise?
Our shipping company will come again to your place. You should plan and coordinate the purchase in a manner that someone will accept the merchandise in absence of you

What if only part of my order has arrived?
In some cases, some merchandise may not be ready to ship, and so we may ship a partial order of the merchandise which are ready to ship. The remaining merchandise shall be shipped as soon as it become available, but not later than 9 days from your order. If we are not able to ship the item within 9 days from your order, we will cancel the unshipped merchandise and shall inform you about the it..

What I do when my order arrives damaged?
If you find that the Cover is damaged before accepting the delivery, please refused the delivery and immediately inform to us.
Once you have accepted the delivery, and thereafter realized that the cover is damaged, then please feel free to get in touch with us within 30 days of receiving the Cover or merchandise

Can I book an order for delivery to more than one Address?
No, presently you won’t.

How can I change my delivery address?
Yes, you may change the delivery address, only when we have not billed and shipped your order. You have to call customer care on Phone no between 10:00 am to 7:00 pm and may request.

If suppose I am out of station for some days then can you hold my order?
You can call us at Customer Care to inform us about such situation, and we shall try to accommodate your instructions. But, we cannot hold your orders for shipment beyond 9 days from the date of the order.

What are the shipping charges and/ or if there is any additional charges for delivery?
We will charge for shipping unless otherwise specified. Our shipping charges are based on factors such as quantity of merchandise ordered, type of merchandise ordered and delivery destination. If you want more information, you can see our shipping policy.

What is the stipulated delivery time for an Order?
All orders usually ship within 3 to 5 working days after placing the order. However, sometimes orders get delayed due to stock not available.

Who will pay charges for the return merchandise?
If you are not satisfied with your purchase of merchandise for any reason, and wish to return the merchandise as per the Returns Policy through courier pickup arranged by us , you need not have to pay any courier charges for the return of merchandise for the shipment purpose.

What should suppose to do if the merchandise ordered reached to me in a damaged/defective condition?
If you feel that the package/ rapper is damaged before accepting the delivery of merchandise, then do not accept the delivery and immediately inform us about it. Please see our shipping policy and returns policy for your reference.

How can I cancel my merchandise which was ordered to you?
You may cancel the order, before it is shipped. With an exception of a few merchandise which cannot be cancelled. For more details please refer our shipping policy and returns policy

What should I suppose to do if I get something different instead of what I had ordered?
We will take utmost care to your merchandise what you ordered. Rarely the orders mixed up. If you found the same you can contact us within 24 hours of receiving the delivery.

What is your privacy policy?

Please refer our privacy policy

Are my personal information secured?
You can see our Privacy policy and Secure shopping commitment.

Is there any charge for registration?
There is No Charge for registration on

How can my registration expire?
Registrations do not expire. If your account is not activated for long time. We will suspend it or de-activate it, in which case, you can immediately contact our Customer Service Representative on phone to activate the account. We will reactivate your account after verification to confirm your identity.

If I have forgotten my Login Id then?
You can use forgotpassword link in website or you can write to us at while writing following details
Date of birth
First Name
Last Name
Past order number of an order placed from your login id, if any

Is email address mandatory when registering?
Yes. email ID is therefore required when you create an account on

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